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      COFCO Sugar

      Stock Code:600737.SH

      Stock Abbreviation:COFCO Sugar

      Company Name(Chinese):中粮屯河糖业股份有限公司

      Company Name (English):COFCO TUNHE SUGAR  CO., LTD.

      Business Scope:Agricultural cultivation; processing and trade of tomatoes, sugar, nuts and fruit, canned food and beverage

      Category:Fruits & Vegetables

      Registered Address:W101, 1st Floor, 54th Building, Yutang Village, Daxiqu Town Changji City Xinjiang

      Office Address:F20,Block H, China Merchants Bank Building, 1 Yellow River Road, Urumqi, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region ,China (830000)

      Tel:(0991) 5571888

      Fax:(0991) 5571600

      Chairman:Mr. Xia Linghe



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