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      Ensuring Food Safety

      Perfecting Traceability Management of the Fully-Integrated Value Chain

      Food traceability systems are an effective tool to help ensure the safety of the entire food industry chain. COFCO attaches great importance to the development of industry chains in which the entire food production process can be traced, always with the consumer in mind. 

      COFCO has continued to strengthen its traceability system for its specialized companies, according to the requirements of the "COAG Group's Current Situation Assessment and Planning Program for Traceability System Construction", "General Guidance for the Construction of Traceability System of COFCO" and "Evaluation Criteria for Traceability of COFCO ." The company will gradually improve this system, bringing it to full maturity. 



      Leading Food Consumption Upgrades

      In the face of domestic and overseas increasingly fierce market competition environment, COFCO does the work that vigorously increase varieties and quality, develop and colorful the product line and product category, according to the market demand, through the global industrial distribution, raw grain characteristic research, the leading of consumer insight and value marketing. COFCO also advocates healthy and nutrient diet, leads consumption upgrade of oil and grain food stuffs, and provides better sensory experience of nutritional health food and service to our customers and consumers.



      Creating Reliable Brands

      COFCO has cultivated a brand around nutrition, health, and product safety. COFCO’s products are deeply rooted in these ideas, and Fortune oil and Mengniu Dairy have been listed six and two years respectively in China’s most authoritative brand list: BrandZ’s Most Valuable Chinese Brands. Greatwall Wine won the Asian Wine Quality Competition’s Gold Award, proving that there is high recognition of COFCO’s brands by the consumers and industry. 

      In 2016, COFCO achieved the 13th Five-year Plan goals, promoted key products and expanding market share and industry influence. The COFCO brand has truly become one known as trustworthy to consumers.

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